Cameras in the classroom

A key buzz word that is so popular now is differentiation. It always amazes me how something that we already do gets a new name and becomes the “in” thing to do.  A good teacher always is aware of the varying abilities of the student.  I am a believer that everything will come around again in education.  Technology is a good way to accomplish differentiation.  I  believe that assessment and learning is not all done with paper and pencils.  Try using a camera (flip, phone, ipad) and have the students interview each other explaining what they have learned.  Video a class and see who is engaged.  Sometimes we miss things when we are infront of the class and a camera will help us see who is listening, if we are engaging etc.  There are so many uses for a camera.   The students will love to be in front of the camera and some will love to be the videographer.  Use some imagination to see how a camera would help your classroom.     You might be suprised!

Almost Summer

I promised I would talk about chrome apps and extentions, but the year has been flying by.  It is hard to think it is almost summer, but now the weather is getting warm.   So, let’s talk apps.   I  like to use one tab.

Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

When your tabs are in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory because you will have reduced the number of tabs open in Google Chrome.

If you want to search the chrome store, just go to

Chrome store

I am still here.  This spring has been a busy one despite the snow and cold.  I have been at several conferences soaking in lots of great educational ideas and thoughts.   I was able to go to the google summit and learned many things about chromebooks.  I was unaware of the advantages of chromebook.  More importantly I learned many things about chrome apps and extentsions.  The great news is they are free!  Visit the chrome web    I will talk more about some great apps and extentsion next time.  An app is a program to use and and an extentsion is something to use with an existing app or program to enhance it.    Talk to you soon, try to look at the store and see what might help you.


A glimpse into my classroom

As a teacher we all hear comments from students we that make us chuckle.  Last week a student told me that her mom used to watch a tv show in the 1900’s!  Boy do I feel old.  Friday I was explaining a project to the class using  Haikudeck.  The students were going to make a slide show about classical composers from a list I gave them.  My student states” I don’t know any of these guys.”  I replied that it was one of the reasons we were doing this assignment was to learn about these composers.  Just like the students, we need to be learning continually.  Technology does not wait for us.  We must keep up with it.  No one knows what the classroom of the future will look like, but I do know that I must prepare my students for the future as best I can. I usually write with a new app or link.  Today I thought I would just give a thought.  Thanks for stopping by.



Let’s Sing

I just found a new site that is lot’s of fun while being educational too!  The site   is a site that allows you to make your own music by adding melody, effects, beats, and voices.  It allows you to express yourself in music.  This site is an easy drag and drop.  It can be used without musical training. Becareful not to put so many voices etc. in your song that it becomes cluttered and clunky.  Sometimes less is best.  Have fun!



Tell a simple story in an amazing way

I love digital story telling.  My students love it too! A new way to story tell is through       Haiku Deck.  It allows you tell storys with amazing photos!  No more searching other website for appropriate pictures.  You simply tell it your theme and Haiku Deck will provide many choices.  The option for your own pictures is available too.  Elementary students are able to simply pick a photo and type a few words.  They will be able to create a beautiful presentation.

Here is a quick sample I made using Haiku Deck:  Click on the Link Below:




Clean up the clutter

Youtube offers many useful teaching videos.  The problem is all the advertisement around the video.  A teacher needs to be careful what side pictures show up on the borders.  A simple solutions to this problem is     After downloading quietube, you can simply load your video, click on quietube and all the side advertising is gone.  It is a great way to show videos in your classroom.



What to do with all those photos

This time of year the cameras come out.  Everyone want a photo.  A great site for using these photos is      This site will allow you to make your photo into a poster, magazine cover or more.  You do not have to pay to have them made.  Simply print them from your computer. Students love seeing themselves in this venue. The sky is the limit. Try is and enjoy!


mit! IMG_5973 TMerry Christmas!


Educreations is a great tool for teachers and students.  It will turn an  iPad or computer into an interactive whiteboard.  Educreation records everything that is drawn and said while the presentation is taking place.  Think of all the possiblities!  It is great if you want to flip the classroom.  Make a creatation for the absent student.  Have the student record and explain the concept.  It is also a good tool for review. Check it out.   I am sure that endless possiblities will come to mind.





Open a New Door

Try a new door to help  your class learn. Here is a great web 2.0 tool for all elementary teachers.  is  packed full of math and languaged art help.  I found that you need to search all the grade levels.  Many of the games an be used at different grade levels than posted.  Your students will learn while playing games.  This site makes learning fun.  After I have shown this site to colleauges, they all have used it the same day.  If you are looking for something new in your classroom, check this site out.  IMG_6054